Anatolia New Becici

Montenegro, Becici, Nova Ulica, S42
Living by the sea has always been considered a special privilege. "ANATOLIA New Becici" is a stylish, modern house, towering 100 meters above sea level, 400 meters from the beach. Becici is one of the cleanest bays in Montenegro. From all the apartments, at any time of the day or night, a picturesque panorama of the Adriatic Sea coast and mountains opens up. On the one hand, the residential complex “ANATOLIA New Becici” is located quite close to the center of the resort village of Budva, and on the other hand, it has a captivating sense of isolation from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

Modern residential complex "ANATOLIA New Becici" is located just 400 meters from the crystal waters of the Adriatic Sea.

It embodies the ideas of a comfortable and modern life filled with harmony and beauty on the picturesque territory of the Budva Riviera in Montenegro.
It is modern, comfortable, ideally suited for both leisure and permanent residence. A great place to raise children and enjoy life on the Adriatic coast.
Apartments of the complex have stunning views of the Budva Riviera, the island of St. Nikola and the island of St. Stephen.
The residential complex also has a convenient playground, family-friendly areas, a snack bar, a swimming pool, and a mini-market. The territory of the complex is under constant, 24-hour video surveillance.
Buyers of real estate in the residential complex “ANATOLIA New Becici” in the amount of more than 200 000€, as well as their close relatives receive a residence permit in the territory of Montenegro as a gift from our company.
Buying this housing, you can either provide yourself and your family with year-round living on the sea coast, or rent out accommodation in the summer season, which can bring a great additional income, since comfortable rooms on the seashore have always attracted holidaymakers.