Overseas property

Want to make a great investment? Do you want to have an opportunity at any given time to relax and travel to a beautiful place and not be bothered by all the bureaucratic nuances? Maybe you want to invite friends or family on a vacation? Should you find yourself agreeing to any of the aforementioned questions, then please allow us to help make your dreams and wishes come true. A smart investment will provide you and your family with a comfortable life and will require minimum effort on your end.

Investing in real estate abroad is one of the safest and best investments one can possibly make. In this case, money will be protected against inflation, since the cost of real estate over time will grow accordingly. Ownership of overseas real estate is becoming more and more prestigious. Buying a villa, apartment or cottage guarantees you an annual holiday in a paradise of your choice, where you don't need to worry about smog and noise of a busy city, and where you can enjoy gorgeous weather or, perhaps, beautiful wildlife.

Buying overseas property abroad will not only protect your money from inflation. Should you decide so, it will also give you an opportunity to receive income from renting out your property. And there is no need to look for tenants and go through tons of paperwork – the selling company will take care of everything! The only thing you need to do is decide which property you like better and visit it personally, if you decide to make a purchase.


Another important factor when choosing the right property, is the opportunity to obtain a residence permit or citizenship. When attending our exhibition, you will receive detailed and professional information on how easy it is to obtain a residence permit in any given country.

We welcome you to the biggest international property exhibition "MPIRES" in Expocentre!