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The business program is currently in development. Below are just a few of the topics of the business program. Topics will be added, and changes may apply.
Moving abroad and its connection with the purchase of real estate

Buying overseas property is becoming an increasingly popular destination for investments. Some people buy real estate to earn upon their investment, some want to buy real estate for leisure. But many are considering the purchase of real estate in order to move abroad. Experts will discuss the relationship between moving abroad and the purchase of foreign real estate.

European "Golden Visa” programs - Rules and Changes

There is a great demand for "Golden Visa" programs in Europe. For those who are considering obtaining such a visa now or in the future it is utmost important to get the latest information on such programs. All the current details, changes, and the possibility of obtaining such visas can be obtained from experts at the seminar.

Residence Permit or Citizenship - what is the difference

Obtaining a residence permit and citizenship abroad has always been in very high demand. However, it will be important to understand the differences between the documents. The seminar will be attended by experts and visitors will have a chance to get all the information on differences between the documents, as well as means of obtaining them.

Residence Permit and Citizenship in Turkey - rules, opportunities, alternatives

Residence permit and Citizenship in the Republic of Turkey is becoming an increasingly popular choice among Russians, and opens up many opportunities. At the seminar visitors will learn about all the details related to obtaining Turkish citizenship and residence permit.

Unexpected, as well as traditional immigration opportunities

Do you know about all the ways to move abroad? Which of the traditional methods of immigration are most popular? The seminar will be fully devoted to these, and many other issues related to immigration abroad.

The business program is currently in development. Below are just a few of the topics of the business program. Topics will be added, and changes may apply.
Investment opportunities of foreign real estate - seminar made by and Moscow Sotheby’s International Realty

Why is investment in overseas property an interesting idea? How can one invest, and what is worth paying attention to? What opportunities in general does an investment in real estate abroad provide? Experts will be happy to tell about all this at the seminar devoted to questions about the investment opportunities of overseas real estate.

Who and under what conditions will help to rent out your property

Have you purchased, or are planning to purchase property abroad? Considering renting out your property to earn income? How can this be done, and how to find a person/organization that will help you with this? You can find answers to these questions at a seminar devoted entirely to renting out real estate.

The current profitability of real estate in Germany

Germany has traditionally been a popular destination for investment in real estate to earn profit. At this seminar you will get the opportunity to hear about all aspects and details of this topic.

Basic rules for the purchase and maintenance of rental property

How to buy rental property? What about maintenance questions and nuances of your property, and what should you pay attention to? We invite you to attend a seminar dedicated to this issue.

Commercial or residential properties - which brings more revenue today

Investing in real estate abroad is becoming an increasingly popular method of investing funds for Russians who are also interested in profitable real estate. The seminar will discuss up-to-date issues related to such an investment, as well as the question of which real estate, residential or commercial, can bring you more income.