About our Exhibitors

Attendees of "MPIRES" will have an opportunity to get acquainted with real estate in different countriese, such as Spain, Greece, Italy, Cyprus, Germany, UK, USA, Canada, and many other regions. On average, more than 80 companies present their proposals from more than 30 countries around the world.

Participants of our exhibition are respected experts in their related fields: major developers and internationally accredited real estate agencies, consultants, representatives of different travel agencies, etc.

Speaking with the exhibitors will help you find answers on different topics, such as:

  • Choosing a country to purchase real estate;
  • Choosing your region and city in the country that you like;
  • Choose a reliable construction company;
  • Learn the technical aspect and procedures when buying international property;
  • Learn whether or not you may benefit from a lawyer, when purchasing property in a given country;
  • How to visit the property of your choosing (tickets, visas).

Visitors can chat with experts on loans, and learn the following:

  • Mortgage procedure and differences between Russian and other countries;
  • How and where you can get a mortgage loan;
  • Whether or not it is beneficial to use mortgage loans to buy real estate in a given country;
  • How to use mortgage loan to increase capital gains from your investments;
  • Analyze the plan of repayment and penalties, in case of non-payment.

Representatives of real estate companies at the exhibition will advise you on the following:

  • For long-term and short-term lease;
  • On advantages and disadvantages of leasing plans;
  • How much revenue you can bring by renting out your property.

Professional participants and a great atmosphere will help you get comprehensive answers to your questions. We welcome you to the biggest international property exhibition "MPIRES" in "Expocentre"!