Rules of the exhibition Applied to all visitors of "MPIRES" exhibition held on the territory of the EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds

Dear visitor of "MPIRES"!

We inform you that by registering (electronically or directly at the registration desk) as a visitor of "MPIRES" exhibition held by "VPI EXPO" LLC on the territory of EXPOCENTRE Fairgrounds, you give your consent and must, when visiting this event (MPIRES) and the territory of the exhibition complex (Expocentre), strictly follow the rules established by the Expocentre Fairgrounds, as well as additional conditions when visiting the territory of the "MPIRES"  exhibition, established by "VPI EXPO" LLC.

You can get acquainted with the rules by following the link:

Additionally, during the exhibition, visitors are prohibited from:

1. Conducting work and any activities (verbal and written questionnaires, polls, etc.) related to the collection of any information about visitors of the exhibition "MPIRES", without the written permission of the exhibition management;

2. Selling any form of goods and/or services, if these actions do not have a separate written permission from the exhibition management;

3. Conducting any advertising campaigns, any events, any forms of ownership, any subject matter without a separate written permission from the management of the exhibition;

4. Conducting work, campaigning and informing exhibitors, employees and visitors of the exhibition on topics that coincide with the topics of "MPIRES" exhibition (overseas real estate, sale and rental of real estate, any services in the field of real estate) without a separate written permission from the exhibition management.

Visitors who have violated these rules for the first time, in the event of a comment from the exhibition management or exhibition security personnel, will have to voluntarily leave the territory of "MPIRES" exhibition. In this case, the entrance ticket will be canceled. In case of a repeated violation, the violator will be banned from attending any of the following events held by "VPI EXPO" LLC. Also, the violator can be handed over to law enforcement officers if his actions fall under administrative or criminal punishment, in accordance with the Law of the Russian Federation.