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FGUP "Goszagransobnosobstvennosti" is the owner of federal property located outside the Russian Federation

The main activities of FSUE "Goszagransobstvennosti" are:

  • management of residential and non-residential real estate abroad;
  • leasing of federal property objects abroad for housing, communal and socio-cultural purposes;
  • design, construction, reconstruction, repair and operation of administrative, public, residential, industrial and non-production buildings and structures and other objects of federal property abroad and on the territory of the Russian Federation, performing the functions of customer, designer, contractor and operating organization;
  • intermediary services in buying and selling and leasing (renting) real estate for residential and non-residential purposes;
  • marketing of real estate market conditions, providing information on the most optimal investment of funds in federal property in the Russian Federation and abroad;
  • consulting on commercial, financial and management issues in the sphere of construction and operation of real estate objects;
  • and much more.