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Portugal: Lisbon, rua Fialho de Almeida, 14, 2 esq., Dj20. Russia: Moscow, Kutuzovskiy Prospekt 17, Fora Bank, 2nd floor.
Permanent Residency, Citizenship, Real estate, Investments in Portugal, Andorra, Paraguay. Partners: Thailand, Turkey.
  • Real estate, investment projects, legal services.
  • Head offices in Andorra and Portugal. We organize and accompany all types of work on the purchase of real estate, we work with banks to open accounts and obtain loans, we service and rent out property owners.

We offer investment projects: for obtaining "passive" income, for opening a company, for investing in business without purchasing real estate.

We work as part of the program of "Cooperative of owners - affordable housing (up to €100,000)" - We help clients obtain a residence permit and citizenship in Portugal (EU), Andorra (independent Principality, preferential tax system), Turkey and Paraguay.

  • We develop a program for obtaining a Permanent Residency based on the circumstances of clients.
  • We remotely provide part of the services for collecting and processing documents, presenting objects and conducting online transactions.
  • Activity and countries: Principality of Andorra and Republic of Portugal.

Exclusive offers from developers, business owners, real estate owners. Turkey, Paraguay, Thailand – partnership programs.