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G.1058 Office, RAS AL KHOR AVENUE, Ras Al Khor Industrial First
Our main mission is not only the sale of real estate, but also the formation of a unique lifestyle for our clients in the UAE.

ReLux Estates Dubai is part of the Orpheus Group holding, which is actively developing in the Republic of Cyprus and the UAE. Orpheus Group Holding was founded in 2001.

This is a group of companies with asset diversification in real estate, tourism, consulting services and other professional activities. We have representative offices in Cyprus, Dubai and Moscow. The main mission of the company is not only the sale of real estate, but also the formation of a unique lifestyle for our clients in the UAE. Our company professionally and efficiently provides a full range of real estate services for clients:

  • study tours of real estate objects
  • prompt selection of real estate for rent, purchase and investment
  • advice on investment attractiveness and liquidity of real estate objects (expected investment return reaches 50%)
  • full support of the real estate acquisition procedure
  • flexible payment terms (interest-free installments up to 5 years)
  • property management and after-sales service
  • guaranteed yield from renting 6-10% per annum
  • relocation and adaptation in the country
  • obtaining a residence permit
  • concierge service

When choosing real estate for our clients, we are guided by the principle of combining quality and profit. Property maintenance and property management with ReLux Estate Dubai guarantees clients the safe and efficient operation of their property, both for personal use and for renting. In addition, we help our clients with recommendations for shops, schools, kindergartens, and also advise the services of trusted professionals in all professions that one has to deal with while living in a new country. ReLux Estates sets new standards in the UAE real estate market, offering the best value for money, impeccable service and genuine attention to detail.

If you value reliability and quality, then ReLux Estates Dubai is your right choice!