Moscow, Vorontsovskaya 20, entrance 5
International Real Estate Company in Dubai, Turkey, Thailand and Georgia.

DDA Real Estate sells real estate in Dubai, Turkey, Thailand and Georgia. The head office is located in Dubai, and we are the only Company on the market that has 237 offices in Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, the UAE.

We work directly on behalf of developers, for this we have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

Mission of the Company: High-quality and honest services with care for the Client. The internal principle of the Company: "The client is your close person." This means that the Client must be treated as a close person and his interests must be protected.

With the help of our team of professionals, you don't have to worry about the transaction process. Our real estate agents promptly answer all questions and will be happy to find you exactly the property you dream of. No more wasting time searching for real estate. Our experts will provide you with a selection of accommodation that is 100% consistent with your requirements.