Yall Mahallesi DoguKaradeniz caddesi NO:76/G Karasu Sakarya Turkey
We have always carried out functions that meet the quality and standards that we call "mandatory" in all our projects.

Construction of Eksiouglu is a symbol of trust, quality and tranquility in our country. In many parts of Turkey, formal tenders and schools, hospitals, roads, infrastructure, official buildings, dams, a superstructure of production were held. Istanbul, Ankara, Izmit, Adapazari, Karasu, as well as our provinces and areas, we are one of the leading companies in the housing development market. In particular, in various districts of Istanbul and in the Karasu Adapazari region, with private development of housing.

Our principle as the construction of Eksiouglu is to offer peace and safety for our clients. We strive to see happy faces of our clients, including after the sale is finished. Throughout the territory of Karasu, you can find building structures, plots. Some of them are located on the seashore, others - 50 meters from the sea, or 100 meters, 200 meters.