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City Court, Office No 201, 25 Aischilou str., 3095, Agios Nikolaos, Limassol, Cyprus
European Advisory in Real Estate & Immigration Services Cyprus / Greece.

Real Estate Group is a company specializing in various services. Consisting of two subsidiaries in Cyprus and Greece, R. E. G. specializes in real estate, development of construction projects and investments in the above markets.

However, throughout our international experience, through our offices and exclusive partners, we also offer real estate and investments in other countries, especially within the European Union. Our legal and accounting teams in both countries also specialize in all aspects, such as legal, tax, corporate and immigration issues, as well as global mobility issues. At R. E. G, we offer you professional, one-stop service. We provide you with the best and highest quality service. Thanks to our membership in many national and international communities, we are obliged to follow certain standards and ethics, providing you with additional confidence and peace of mind when choosing our group. We strive to offer the highest possible standards in all our business relationships, and we will adjust our service based on your individual needs and requirements, and always treat our customers and partners as part of our own family.

Our philosophy is to build and maintain long-term relationships!