Enterprise Greece

“Enterprise Greece” is the official agency of the Greek state, and is under the direct supervision of the Ministry of Economy and Development of the Hellenic Republic. Enterprise Greece was created to advertise Greece as an attractive investment destination and to promote highly competitive products and services produced in Greece for export. The agency helps foreign investors and businesses to do business with Greece, eliminates the problems associated with government regulation, provides key information about Greece and helps Greek enterprises to enter new markets, find new business partners and become more competitive and attractive.

Greek program "Golden Visa"

In addition, Enterprise Greece is actively promoting the Greek "Golden Visa" program, which applies to citizens of non-EU countries who invest or buy property in Greece at a cost of at least 250,000 euros. The "Golden Visa" to Greece program provides a permanent residence permit, which is renewed every 5 years and applies to the owner, his / her spouse, their parents and their children.

The purchase of several properties for this purpose is also possible provided that the total investment exceeds 250,000 euros. Property assets are: a house, a villa, an apartment, a land plot or a combination of the above listed objects.

Greek "Golden Visa" program provides citizens with non-EU countries the opportunity to invest in a country that:

  • is  member of the European Union and the Eurozone;
  • is one of the safest in the world;
  • has more than 300 sunny days a year;
  • offers high standards of food and Mediterranean cuisine;
  • where the majority of the population speak English (as a second language).

Also, the acquired property can be immediately rented for profit.

Advantages of the program:

  • Residence / residence permit in Greece without time limits;
  • Travel without any requirements to the 26 European countries of the Schengen zone and live there for up to three months every six months;
  • Long-term residence and the possibility of obtaining citizenship under certain conditions;
  • Lack of language requirements;
  • The absence of a minimum personal income requirement;
  • Simple, fast and transparent purchase process;
  • Very low bid price;
  • Access to the Greek education system;
  • The residence permit is in the form of an electronic card not attached to the passport;
  • Very competitive prices for real estate assets compared to other European destinations;
  • High income from the rental of quality facilities in the best places.

The program "Golden Visa to Greece" has already attracted many buyers from Russia (Russia ranks second in the purchase of real estate in Greece). The latest statistics (end of September 2017) show that 388 Russian investors purchased property in Greece and received a residence permit / residence permit (a total of 2014 residence permits were granted), and also 894 permanent residence permits were granted to them and members their families (out of a total of 4932, which were provided to the owners and their family members).

Enterprise Greece can provide you with all the necessary information about the "Golden Visa" program.

By following the link http://www.enterprisegreece.gov.gr/en/greece-today/living-in-greece-/residence-permits, you can get all the necessary information and download useful brief descriptions in five languages, including Russian.