6–7 ottobre 2023(15a mostra)
24–25 novembre 2023(16a mostra)

La piu grande mostra

nel Expocentro
При поддержке Торгово-промышленной палаты Российской Федерации
La fiera

Mosca Premier International Real Estate Show

La nostra fiera è stata creata per consentire alle aziende immobiliari internazionali, agli sviluppatori, alle agenzie e agli agenti immobiliari di incontrare i loro potenziali clienti e investitori dalla Russia, in un centro espositivo di fama mondiale nel cuore di Mosca. Una delle caratteristiche fondamentale della fiera MPIRES è un programma professionale di business che coinvolge esperti da tutto il mondo per partecipare a presentazioni, tavole rotonde e discussioni su diversi argomenti relativi al mercato immobiliare estero.
La fiera

Solo 2 giorni
nel "Expocentro"

Più di
100 000 immobili
Ville, appartamenti, case a schiera, immobili commerciali
Più di
25 paesi
Tutti I continenti sulla fiera
Più di
50 espositori
Sviluppatori, agenzie, aziende
5000 visitatori
Investitori, acquirenti di immobili all'estero
Più di
80 Speaker
Nel programma fiera partecipano i principali esperti del settore
Centro espositivo di notorieta mondiale
Esclusiva possibilità di visitare il famoso programma di business che si svolge a MPIRES.

Recensioni dei espositori

Andreas Friganas
Andreas Friganas
Ambassador of Greece to Russian Federation

I am very pleased to open this real estate exhibition. All countries are working hard to come up with lots of interesting cultural, scientific and commercial activities. But this year is special for us, since it is a cross-year dedicated to the relations between Russia and Greece. I am so glad to see Greek companies at this exhibition, and I want to congratulate the organizers and wish them success.

Oleg Smykov
Oleg Smykov
New Nordic Group

We participate in every "MPIRES" exhibition. My opinion is that this is the best overseas real estate exhibition in Moscow! Now we have more and more clients from Russia, and visitors of this exhibition come here and know exactly what they want.

Yulia Dobrovolskaya
Yulia Dobrovolskaya
Yekta Homes

We are very glad to see a large number of visitors attending this exhibition. Previous "MPIRES" exhibition was very successful, because we closed 4 contracts as a result of this exhibition.

Natalia Gherman
Natalia Gherman
Head of foreign real estate department, "BEST-Elite"

First of all I would like to sincerely thank the organizers of the exhibition, VPI expo, for the invitation to participate in this exhibition, as well as express my gratitude for  their sincere hospitality, personal charm and professionalism.

Both the format of the exhibition and its business program were interesting and dynamic. Communication with customers (from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Kaluga and other cities) have been substantial, with specific questions related to the purchase or sale of overseas real estate. We received a variety of requests from visitors of the exhibitions, who were interested in countries such as Bulgaria, Germany, Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, UK, USA. Also, some visitors had questions about the sale of their real estate in Russia and more profitable investments abroad.

For Russian customers - "MPIRES" exhibition (which is also located right next to the Moscow City business center) is a great opportunity to consult with market professionals and get answers to questions related to the purchase of overseas real estate, and is a great place to meet with the owners of overseas real estate and developers from lots of different countries.

For overseas real estate agencies "MPIRES" exhibition is a great opportunity to enter the Russian market, acquire customers, new partners and friends.
The number of countries represented at the exhibition was extensive - from the Dutch Caribbean and the United States - to Japan and Vietnam.

We wish you prosperity and success of the exhibition!

Dmitriev V.A.
Dmitriev V.A.
Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation

On behalf of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation I welcome the participants, guests and organizers of the 8th International Exhibition of Overseas Real Estate "MPIRES".

The "MPIRES" exhibition is aimed at informing potential Russian customers and investors about the possibilities of acquiring all types of real estate abroad. I am convinced that this exhibition and its business program will enable real estate professionals to become familiar with world trends and different projects, obtain new customers, and contribute to the development of international relations.

I wish the participants, guests and organizers a very productive time at the exhibition!

Alina Kyalmina
Alina Kyalmina
Prime Property Group

We have a very positive experience with "MPIRES". We have already closed deals with several clients whom we acquired from this exhibition, and the clients are very good, with great budgets, interested in Limassol, Cyprus. This exhibition brings results, and this is exactly why this is not the first time that we participate here.

Dmitriy Badaev
Dmitriy Badaev
Evian House

We visited all the overseas real estate exhibitions that took place in Moscow, and analysed the attendance and visitors, and realized that the most popular exhibition in Moscow is the "MPIRES" exhibition in Expocentre.

Ekaterina Demidova
Ekaterina Demidova
Dem Group GmbH

This is the 3rd time that we participate here at "MPIRES". "MPIRES" exhibition is different from other exhibitions in that serious and interesting clients come here as potential buyers, with great budgets.

Sergey Kumekov
Sergey Kumekov

This was the first time that we participated in this exhibition. Our goal here is to find new clients, new partners, interesting contacts, and in this regard "MPIRES" exhibition exceeded our expectations. We could not imagine that so many potential buyers and investors would be coming to our stand. Everything was very interesting, useful and productive.

Olga Novikova
Olga Novikova
Oracle Capital Group

It took us a while to figure which exhibition to attend in Moscow, and after careful analysis we chose "MPIRES" exhibition. Reason why is because this exhibition is visited by the audience that we need. There are no bystanders here, and visitors know exactly what they want.

Elena Marinicheva
Elena Marinicheva
Head of overseas real estate department, "W1 Evans"

"W1 Evans" participated in this exhibition for the first time. Our experts have noted high activity of visitors wishing to discuss important issues and get expert advice on the spot. The majority of visitors of the exhibition were interested in matters related to purchase of investment property, discussed percentages of potential return on investment, and paid a lot of attention to countries such as Germany, Spain, USA.
We were particularly pleased with the business program of the exhibition. "W1 Evans" participated in several events. Seminars, conferences and discussions raised great questions in regards with the international real estate market. I would like to mention highly experienced speakers and participants of these events, who helped involve the audience into the discussion. I noticed that there were so many visitors that there was simply not enough seats in the conference room to accommodate sitting for everyone. Undoubtedly, event moderators - Alexander Elizarov and Philip Berezin - deserve great respect for their professionalism and level of knowledge.

Evgeniy Panasenko
Evgeniy Panasenko
Ernst & Young

After my presentation at the business conference at "MPIRES", clients were coming to me asking questions not only about real estate for leasure, but also those, who were interested in making money on their investments. "MPIRES" is a great platform for these kind of clients as well!

Irina Dmitrenko
Irina Dmitrenko
Carratelli Real Estate Srl

A lot of things depends on the organizers, on their desire to give their best to the exhibitors. We are very pleased with "MPIRES", and I can say that from our experience of participating in another exhibition in London, our experience of participating in "MPIRES" exhibition are much, much more positive!

Odysseas Melikides
Odysseas Melikides
M.Target Group

This is the first time that we participate in this exhibition, and we are very impressed and can see great interest from visitors here. We were able to meet lots of clients and get new contacts here, even more than what we initially expected. In addition to that we had a chance to participate in the business conference here at "MPIRES", which helped us attract new clients, even more than we expected. We definitely plan to participate in the future!

Vladimir Platonov
Vladimir Platonov
President of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce

To the organizers, participants and guests of the "Moscow's Premier International Real Estate Show"

On behalf of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce I would like to welcome the organizers, participants and visitors of the international exhibition "Moscow's Premier International Real Estate Show"!

This exhibition is one of the largest exhibitions in the overseas real estate market, and offers real estate in more than thirty countries from all around the world, including Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Georgia, Greece, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Latvia, UAE, Portugal, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, France, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Switzerland and others.

The business program of the exhibition involves experts from various countries who will be able to discuss the most serious issues related to the industry and advise participants about the prospects of overseas property investment opportunities. Questions regarding safe investments and levels of legal protection of such investments, terms of visa requirements of different countries, the dynamics of the overseas real estate market, and many other questions raised at the exhibition will of course be of great interest to potential investors.

I wish all participants and guests of the exhibition productive work, interesting discussions and new successful projects!

Natalia Shevnina

The format of the exhibition (demonstrating the achievements of market professionals and open public discussions) is in extreme demand in today's environment. As a result, we are able to obtain qualified assessment of the overall situation in the market and can plan our actions, both from the perspective of the active players in this market, and from the perspective of investors.

Irina Kuznetsova
Irina Kuznetsova
Alliance Group

The exhibition is organized on a very high level, and our cooperation was comfortable, supportive and productive.
The atmosphere at the exhibition was great and every detail was very well thought-out, all thanks to the organizers!

I vantaggi di partecipare

Nostre vantaggi

Più di 50 partecipanti
Riuniti nello stesso spazio più di 50 specialisti altamente qualificati e rappresentanti di società di costruzioni e agenzie immobiliari da Italia, Spagna, Grecia, Bulgaria, Thailandia, Gran Bretagna e molti altri paesi.

Unico spazio espositivo
Il famoso "Expocentro" è la principale area espositiva, per le più grandi fiere internazionali in Russia.

Campagna pubblicitaria su larga scala
Una campagna pubblicitaria condotta in modo professionale, su larga scala, che si avvale un gran numero di canali per informare clienti.

Contatto diretto del venditore con l'acquirente
Un lunga trafila di intermediari tra acquirente e venditore comporta in genere una lievitazione dei costi per entrambe le parti; invece la mostra «MPIRES» vi darà la possibilità di incontrare direttamente il venditore per discutere gli aspetti fondamentali dell'acquisto e minimizzare i costi.

Condizioni favorevoli per l'acquisto
Scopo della fiera «MPIRES» è di assolvere a tutti i passi che conducono ad acquisti ed investimenti nel settore immobiliare in modo sicuro e conveniente.

Consulenze professionali
Personale altamente qualificato vi forniranno consulenza riguardo ad un'ampia gamma di questioni, a partire dalla scelta di un costruttore affidabile sino alla scelta della località e agli aspetti legali di costruzione/acquisto di immobili all'estero.
Uno spazio unico

I vantaggi di "Expocentro":

  • La Società Russian Exhibition di fama mondiale, un organizzatore leader delle più grandi fiere internazionali;
  • La superficie totale di oltre 165.000 m2. Ogni anno circa 100 mostre internazionali, che sono visitati da oltre 2 milioni di professionisti, clienti privati;
  • posizione strategica nel centro di Mosca, vicino alle principali arterie della città, a pochi passi dalla metropolitana, un gran numero di alberghi situati vicino;
  • Infrastrutture moderne, tutte le condizioni necessarie per lo svolgimento di mostre internazionali.
generale informativo partner Partner di programma della fiera


MPIRES 2023 / autunno
6–7 ottobre
24–25 novembre

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 Vystavochnaya (metro station)

Working hours:

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