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3,Omirou Ave , 2nd Floor ,Office 205 Nicosia, Nicosia 1097 Cyprus
We can help you to move your management to Cyprus by taking care of immigration and work permit procedures to ensure that your key strategists can officially be part of your company’s operations.

Callinox Consultancy & Management specializes in providing efficient and streamlined services for businesses looking to enter and navigate the Cyprus market. In addition, offers services to companies and startups. Callinox Consultancy & Management provides comprehensive tax compliance services for foreign nationals and companies set up in Cyprus. Our tax professionals hold expertise in all kinds of Cyprus taxation laws including corporate tax, personal tax, VAT, tax on foreign incomes and tax on dividends. Our team of experts offers a full range of payroll services in Cyprus to help businesses comply with all the laws and abide by all the regulations. We provide Cyprus residence consulting, will help you to comply with the formalities and prepare documents in a short time.