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Conference Hall 2
Discussions from market experts
  • Investments in overseas real estate: trends, comparative analysis of countries
    Georgy )
  • Financial control and currency legislation
    Dmitry Evseev ( CBR )
  • The effectiveness of advertising campaigns of foreign real estate on the Internet
    Dmitry Savateev ( RPG Media )
  • Investment in resort real estate in Vietnam: pros and cons
    Alexey StepanenkoVINestate )
  • Crimean real estate market: risks and opportunities
    Anna Kanunova ( FinStandard )
Open discussions

According to the general opinion of experts, the foreign real estate market, having retained its volume, has noticeably changed its structure. The portrait of the target audience, its needs and expectations have changed. Is the current picture a new reality, or just a stage of global changes? How do changes affect the tactics and strategies of market players? What new requirements impose new conditions on market participants? These and other questions will be discussed by leading experts of the overseas real estate market.

  • Georgy )
  • Dmitry Evseev ( CBR )
  • Dmitry Savateev ( RPG Media )
  • Jana White ( Governance Risk Compliance )
  • Ekaterina Elizarova ( Palazzo Estate )
  • Yulia Titova ( Rentsale )
  • Philip BerezinPrian )
  • Oleg MorozovVINestate )
Conference Hall 1
Property in Greece
Design of real estate objects abroad
  • Dmitry Brizitsky ( Krechet )
Presentation of the book “To buy or not to buy. Buying property in the UK»
  • Jana White ( Governance Risk Compliance )
Permanent residence in Hungary for investment
  • ( Voldan Group )
State program of business immigration, residence permit and citizenship in the UK, EU countries, Cyprus and the Caribbean
  • Alexander Rukin ( ASTONS )