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Real Eastate ın Turkey.

FCC Property is a pioneering, distinctive, and innovative business with its works in the real estate field.

It was founded in 2014 with the goal of providing future consulting in the real estate industry. The founders of the brand are Fatih Günşan and Cem Çadırcı, who have completed their academic education in real estate management, are experienced in international real estate investments and have a broad business network.

FCC Property “Future Consulting Company” provides a comprehensive and professional service by guiding international buyers to acquire real estate in Turkiye. REAL ESTATE SALES WITH GLOBAL ACCESS POWER FCC Property is one of the most important real estate companies focusing on global reach in its business network.

It carries out projects with people and brands from dozens of countries, such as America, England, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Spain, China, and Russia. FCC Property, which has brought its name to a reliable and prestigious position in the real estate sector by offering solutions to more than 10 thousand international buyers in search of real estate, always aims to maintain its dynamism with different and new real estate projects.

It shares its professional real estate consultancy experience, established on the basis of ethics and trust, with all foreign investors from all over the world, with its team of experts in the field with a spirit of synergy.

LET’S BUILD YOUR REAL ESTATE FUTURE IN TURKiYE TOGETHER! Sincerity is one of the fundamental tenets of FCC Property, one of the premier organizations in the sector of international real estate.

Our consultants are always by your side so you can live comfortably in a different country, not as a guest, but as “one of us.” FCC Property is in contact with its customers at every step of the real estate sales process in Turkiye. As the FCC Property family, we are always with you to build a new life and future in Turkiye.