Company «DOM-DE», GmbH (Germany)

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Moscow, 2-y Lihachevskiy pereulok, d. 1, str 11.
"DOM-DE" GmbH is a company that offers a wide range of services: real estate, management, lending, residence permit, opening GmbH, etc.

“DOM-DE” GmbH has been operating in the Russian market since 2001. Company's central office is located in Oberhausen, Germany (18 employees and 14 workers), a private office in Germany in Cologne (2 employees) and a representative office in Russia in Moscow (6 employees).

The main activity of the company is:

  • Selection, verification and design of residential real estate (apartments and houses for personal residence).
  • Selection, verification and registration of profitable real estate (apartments with tenants and apartment / apartment buildings).
  • Selection, verification and registration of commercial real estate (shopping and office centers, clinics, restaurants / cafes, warehouses, hotels and much more).
  • Opening accounts in German banks.
  • Registration of financing / crediting.
  • Registration of residence permit / permanent residence / citizenship in Germany.
  • Manage all types of real estate.
  • Being your reliable friend and helping hand in Germany.
  • Services of drivers, sworn translators and guides.
  • Medical services.
  • Opening GmbH in Germany.

The main goal of DOM-DE GmbH is to achieve balance, reliability and stability in working with clients, and this has remained unchanged since the company was founded. We have been and will be a reliable, decent and purposeful partner for our clients, fighting for their interests and goals, as our own.