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Orange Life! is an investment center presenting profitable real estate projects in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Dubai.

A company with a 24-year history of managing commercial real estate for various purposes with a total area of more than 250,000 sq. meters, has a well-deserved reputation as a reliable partner.

The main activity of Orange.Life! - a full range of works on the redevelopment of buildings of future apartment complexes. The company's investment properties are always located in premium locations, which guarantees a high level of profitability for investors.

Also Orange.Life! selects the best projects of third-party developers with the greatest investment potential.

All complexes are managed by their own hotel operator IzzzI. This is a professional team of hoteliers that ensures maximum occupancy of rooms and apartments in any season, maintains high ratings of IzzzI hotels on travel aggregators and optimizes fixed operating costs. As of now, 3 investment hotels in St. Petersburg already bring a constant high income to Orange.Life investors!

The company's portfolio includes 7 properties in the Russian Federation and the first own IzzzI.Life MINT apartment complex in Dubai. The geographical direction of the UAE has become the third country of presence and the next step in the development of the company in the international investment property market.

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