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Exclusive properties in North Cyprus

North Cyprus is the last land on the Mediterranean with its untouched land and nature. Most of our properties located either right by the sea or within walking distance to the beach. Moreover, almost every property has its own sea and mountain view. Above all, you can have your dream home in North Cyprus with affordable prices and a longer payment plan.

You can experience a genuine lifestyle on the island and interact with locals wherever you go on the island. While taking a walk around your home by the sea you can come across local people and taste their local food, pick your own veggies and fruits, buy freshly baked bread and even fresh milk and cheese and butter at a local barn.

Along with local life, you can experience high standard living with 5-star luxurious hotels, a vineyard with wine tasting tours, and international golf clubs. Not to mention old town with many fish restaurants by the old town.

Simply put, your satisfaction is our goal. When you buy your vacation home with us, we aim to bring happiness to your family by assisting you to make decisions with no regrets.

We understand that reaching this goal is not easy. For this reason, we are hard-working professionals who work on your behalf to make your buying experience move smoothly from start to finish. Together with you, we will avoid obstructions down the road and prevent unpleasant surprises

We support you from the beginning of your search. We will make your travel arrangements to your targeted destination. Once you are at your destination, we will show you the most relevant properties based on your interests and search criteria. After you select your dream house, we will take care of all of the details and make the property ready to move in.