Premium Lifestyle Mauritius Investment Properties.

Beallara Group is an international full-range real estate agency in Moscow. Our founders, Ellada Albitskaya and Ruslan Salmanov, have more than 15 years of experience in the Moscow real estate market. Our goal is to work with accredited developers in Mauritius. We will help you find premium real estate in Mauritius, as well as secondary real estate for living or renting.

In October 2018, the Council for Economic Development of Mauritius invited Ellada to the island as part of the Russian trade mission.

Ellada analyzed premium real estate and studied all possible legal aspects of transactions in Mauritius. She returned to the island in April 2019 to meet new developers. In February 2020, the first program “Discover Mauritius” was launched.

“Discover Mauritius” is a tour that can help you can visit the island, see the real estate that we will select in advance according to your criteria.

Villa or apartment, remoteness from the ocean and beaches, window view, pool? And the most important thing - for your budget.

There are projects under construction in Mauritius, as well as real estate for resale worth from $125,000 to $2 million.