23-24 марта 2018 г.

Is it worth making a small investment in overseas property?

Does it make sense to invest small amounts in overseas property? If so, what are the possible benefits from these investments? Industry leaders will share their views on this topic.

Purchasing objects in Spanish resorts - trends and prices in 2018

Spain has traditionally been a popular destination for Russians. What are the tendencies and prices for Spanish resorts in 2018?

Rates in Europe - what income might a real estate investment bring today?

Buying a property is suitable not only in terms of life/leisure, but also for the purpose of making a profit out of it. The professionals will answer question and tell us what kind of income such investments can bring.

Prices for the Mediterranean Sea this year. Turkey, Cyprus, Italy

Three destinations in the Mediterranean Sea - Greece, Italy and Turkey – have always been in great demand. Experts from these destinations will inform you on the broad range of prices in these regions.

Where to buy inexpensive resort properties - Bulgaria, Greece, Turkey

Experts of the industry will provide the full range of information related to the purchase of inexpensive resort properties in Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey, and will answer any of your questions.

How to rent out your apartment - short-term and long-term

If you are considering a purchase of an overseas object for the purpose of renting it our later on, then it probably makes sense to consider whether to consider a short-term or long-term lease? Experts will be happy to answer this and any other questions related to gaining profits from renting out your overseas real estate object.

Security is of utmost importance! What things to consider before buying an overseas property

Experts and industry professionals will tell you about all the nuances of buying overseas real estate, what you need to pay attention to, and how to protect yourself and your investments.